• It is our firm belief that SAFETY is the cornerstone to the success and sustainability of our business. SAFETY is a way of life and it is our responsibility as Management to see that we and all our staff truly embrace the concept of behavioural based SAFETY practices.

    RTM Vacuum and Hydrojetting (Pty) Ltd will not spare costs to improve SAFETY. To this end we have provided our site staff with “Turtle Suits” for protection of operators. Where possible, we prefer to utilise automated equipment e.g. Remote controlled tube cleaning lances and automated tank and boiler tube cleaning equipment.

    Comprehensive and continuous training of staff enjoys the highest priority. We have sent staff members to the UK for specialised training on our state of the art equipment.

    We do believe that we are ahead of the industry nationally regarding SAFETY and we will constantly strive to maintain that position. We have extracted the best practises found internationally.

    Staff is made aware of our environmental protection policy an on-going basis and we will apply good practices at all times.

    Our equipment and machinery is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring compliance to health, SAFETY and environmental requirements.

    It is the objective of RTM Vacuum & Hydrojetting (Pty) Ltd management to prevent at all costs accidents, incidents or whatsoever harm / damage to its personnel and equipment or that of a third party, while at the same time executing its services and to achieve quality targets. Knowing that SAFETY is always connected to training and education, RTM Vacuum & Hydrojetting (Pty) Ltd is committed to continuous SAFETY staff training by accredited institutions.

    Our aim is that all required SAFETY procedures, equipment instruction guidelines and technical Safeguards be adhere to by each and everyone within the organization.

    We emphasise on SAFETY as our main mission and vision, feeling it should be stressed time and again, in order to create a safe working environment for we all have our personal responsibility.