RTM Vacuum & Hydro Jetting is one of the only companies throughout South Africa with the new Triple Lance Tube Cleaner equipment.

Triple Lance Tube Cleaner (3TLE – Combination Complete)

Automatic Cleaning Equipment which can be used with both flex and rigid lances. The TLE combi is equipped with a double chain drive. The TLE Combi gives excellent cleaning results due to consistant cleaning speed and by cleaning the tubes twice. An extremely versatile combination that can tackle most cleaning jobs and is capable of cleaning 300 to 350 tubes per hour.

Single Lance Tube Cleaner (1-LTC)

High Pressure cleaning of heat exchangers has never been this easy and safe! Excellent cleaning results due to consistent speed and front and back cleaning.
The weight is only 8,5 kg (19 pounds) and it greatly increases both productivity and operator safety. The operator uses the 1-LTC by positioning the nozzle end against the tube to be cleaned. The operator manipulates the simple controls to retract or extend the high pressure hose, at the appropriate speed, into the tube while applying water pressure. The 1-LTC conveys the hose using polyurethane friction blocks mounted within the assembly. The speed and pressure of the 1-LTC can be varied according to the hose being used and the contamination inside the tubes. The consistent speed both backwards and forwards delivers excellent cleaning results in the shortest time possible. The standard single lance machine is most suitable for 4/2 and 5/2 (DN 4 and 5) or 1/16″ and 1/8″ flex lances.

High Pressure Water Jetting Special Equipment:

  • Barracuda 2800 Bar UHP rotary Nozzles
  • 2800 Bar Power Lance Tube Cleaning System
  • Triple Flex Lance System
  • Single Flex Lance System
  • Cyclean – 3D Tool to clean tanks & Boilers
  • Cable Swivel Tool to clean Boilers & Furnaces
  • Hurricane 3D Tank Cleaning Head
  • Hummel man 3D Tank Cleaning Head
High Pressure Water Jetting Machines:

  • SUHP Water Machine 2800 Bar 23L/min
  • SUHP Water Machine 2500 Bar 18L/min
  • UHP Water Machines 1000 Bar 70L/min
  • UHP Water Machine (NLB 605) 216L/min at 1000 Bar & 350L/min at 750Bar

Mobile Vacuum Units:
Mobile Vacuum Units with 10 000 Litres holding tank and 2700m3 p/h Vacuum Pump.

For today’s toughest industrial cleaning problems we provide powerful hydrojetting machines to carry out cleaning jobs once considered “impossible” with pumps capable of producing pressures in excess of 10,0000 psi which is widely accepted by the industry as a safe and economical means of cleaning.

Hydojetting is a specialized operation with proper equipment and well trained and experienced operators fully equipped with the necessary PPE that reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

All our High Pressure Equipment is certified and regularly tested in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. Test certificates can be submitted upon request.



3-Lance TLE Special

Scissorlift TLE

3-Lance TLE Basic

Single Lance Tube XL

3-Lance Tube Cleaner Combi

Single Lance Tube Cleaner